Finally Master RxJava

[Even If You’re a Swamped Overworked Android Developer]

Let’s face it. As an Android developer, you have tons of things to do and things your expected to know.

You probably have heard about RxJava on Reddit, heard it mentioned by coworkers. Or maybe you’ve heard other devs at Google IO, DroidCon or some other Android conference talking about how they use RxJava in their apps.

You may have noticed that even Google is now supporting RxJava by adding Rx interop libraries. More importantly, it’s becoming a common job requirement. Take a look at this job description:

Maybe you’ve tried at one time to pick up RxJava but got stuck. Or, maybe you give up and said I’ll learn RxJava someday. Because as you probably know RxJava is no joke and has a steep learning curve.

Well, you can make that day today by taking the RxJava for Android Developers Course. With this course, you don’t have to feel left out or discouraged when you hear other developers talking about RxJava. You’ll know all about it, even better it’ll improve how you build your apps.

What students have said about the course

I learned more from the first homework assignment than I did in 6 months of just reading about RxJava on the internet.
- Orkhan

Former Student

Before the course I had read a book on RxJava but I still wasn't getting it. The lessons and the homework really helped me to grasp the concepts and the chance to ask Jim questions when I had them or was stuck was invaluable.
- Richard

Former Student

What topics are covered?

Introduction 5 Topics

Module 1 21 Topics

Module 2 26 Topics

Module 3 35 Topics

Module 4 39 Topics

Bonus 11 Topics

How will this help me?

Save Time

Imagine saving hours of time because you don’t need to read tons and tons of Medium articles or blog posts. Skip the frustration of weeding through StackOverflow questions hoping someone else has already asked your question. I’ve spent the time gathering must have RxJava knowledge in one spot so you don’t have to.

Test Validation

Testing is a fundamental part of writing solid robust code. But let’s be honest, it can be a pain and it takes time. The upside is that writing tests will save you from getting frantic calls on nights and weekends that your app is down during a crucial time. The course covers testing principles in RxJava because your sanity is worth it.

Rx Fluency

This course teaches you how to write RxJava like a pro. You wouldn't return an array of strings when only a single string would ever be expected. Likewise you wouldn't want clumsy overly long RxJava code. For example this course teaches creating the right type of producer is crucial to writing concise RxJava.

Survival Training

I show you common pitfalls. But, instead of avoiding those issues we drive straight in. Cause let’s face it, when you're working on your app you will run into these issues. You should be prepared. By diving into the problem you will be prepared. In fact you will be able to recognize that you've seen this problem before and boom! Rescue yourself.


One of the stumbling blocks of learning RxJava is thinking reactively. That’s why you have homework. The homework lets you apply what you learn, and pin points what your mistakes or misconceptions you have with Rx.


We’ve all been there. You need to do x,y,z in RxJava but aren’t sure if the operator exists. What do you do? Or what happens if you know the operator doesn’t exist? At the end of the course you will know how to find the correct operator, and even create your own.


How is this different from articles on the internet?
I’ve gathered the useful things to know about RxJava in one convenient class. So you can skip the headache of reading one article after another.

How is this different from other RxJava classes?
One key difference is homework. Homework is important for solidifying and verifying your understanding of RxJava. Video courses often just throw content at you and run away. But not this one, I actually assign you homework. Homework is crucial for verifying that you, yes you, understand the ins and outs of RxJava.

What is your refund policy?
I want you to be happy and I am rooting for your success. That’s why I offer an easy 30 day money back guarantee.

The refund requirements are simple:
  • Do the homework
  • Email me before 30 days are up
  • Explain why you are unhappy (so that I know what needs to be improved, I value honest constructive feedback)
  • Attach your homework

I've never done any reactive programming before. Is this course for me?
Absolutely! This course contains all the material you need to master RxJava no matter how much experience you have. Here's a sample video from the course showing how easy this course has made it for you to learn RxJava.

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